Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures of Mikayla with her first pigtails! I don't know how often I will be able to do them though. She hated me pulling on her hair and making her sit still, and she looks so much older this way and I still want her to be my little girl!

Random pictures

I had some pretty cute random pictures so here they are in the slide above.  Do you like the one of my tan little man?  What a tan line he has!  And such a cute bum too!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Before I had kids it was easy to tell myself that my kids would never do some things I saw other kids doing. I swore that I would not let my children become so crazy or undisciplined. Well, easier said than done. We discipline our kids, but they have minds of their own at times. And when they are hungry and tired, all sense and patience have left their little bodies. I never thought I would be the mom that I would see in stores with one kid in a cart, and another under her arm screaming and flailing while trying to pay for the things I just got. Well, that happened today. And guess who the screaming kid was? Not my 10 month old, but my almost 2 year old. Yes, Preston was a disaster. We were not in the store but maybe 10 minutes and I swear everyone in the store was staring at me. Well, I know now that what kids do in stores cannot always be controlled.


I am now one of the millions of people who are reading the Twilight books. I just got them from my mom and will attempt to read them. I started reading it last night but I don't know if I was too tired, or what but it did not seem all that catchy. Okay... I only got about 20 pages into it, but I heard it just catches you from the beginning. The last Nicholas Sparks book I was reading was not keeping me entertained enough so I took it back to the library. So I guess I have time now to read these. Who know... maybe I will be just like everyone else and love them. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apartment blues

I am soooo ready to be in something bigger than a two bedroom apartment. I look forward to the day when I can put my kids in separate bedrooms. I thought that having two little ones in the same room would make them both very sound sleepers, well, I thought wrong. Preston is a very sound sleeper when he is in a really good sleep. But Mikayla on the other hand is not. With Preston getting my trait of talking in his sleep, his occasional outbursts of "Pay" (play), "Kruck" (truck), or "ock ock" (rock on the rocking chair) in the middle of the night or during nap time have come to cause Mikayla to be startled and either wakes up crying or she will stand up in bed and look around ready to play and won't go back to sleep for a little while. And since Preston has been sick with some strange bug the past couple of days, we have all been up at all hours of the night, Ryan has been missing classes in the morning due to sleeping in, and I am missing work today to let Preston recoup, meaning I am needing some adult time out. So, heres to looking forward to the future of some day having a house. Although I do have to say that one good thing of having an upstairs apartment and carrying two kids up and down steep stairs a few times a day has done wonders for my legs! :)

Family Picture

The family picture at the top of our blog is from when we were in Idaho in May. I thought it turned out pretty well... except for poor Mikayla. She was so tired and hungry and by the time we took this picture her bow was falling out of her hair! Maybe one of these days we can get a picture where all of us look awake and happy!

4 Years

I am not being a very good blogger. I am behind on posting and one of the posts is of our 4 year anniversary. It was 4 years June 25th. It has gone by so fast. I never would have thought we would be where we are at in our life right now if I had predicted it. I guess that saying is true, "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans." And I am so glad things did not turn out as we planned! Here is what we have been up to the past four years:

-Moved to Texas a week after being married
-I continued working for First Land Title (now known as First American Title)
-Ryan got a job with a dentist (with the plan of going to Dental school... which after working there a year decided it was not the profession for him)
-Ryan starts Chiropractic school
-Preston was born August 8, 2006
-I quit working full time December 2006
-I started working part time for a realtor February 2007
-Mikayla was born September 29, 2007
-And to date... Ryan has about 5 1/2 months left of school and I am chasing two VERY busy little ones, still working for the realtor part time and helping out at the title company two days a week for a few hours.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Silly kids

I find Preston doing funny things all the time. Like not wanting to take off his towel after having a bath, or coloring his sister's face with a highlighter while she shrieks and tries to get away, walking around in my dress shoes, or trying on Mikayla's sun hat. He has rejected the idea of potty training right now. He was showing interest for a while and so we worked on it but he has now decided he wants nothing to do with it. He is still as much of a monkey as ever. He loves to climb on things and now Mikayla tries to follow. They have started playing chase under the kitchen table and will just laugh so hard. It is fun to see them play together. Mikayla is growing every day and gets more of a personality all the time. She is so fast when she crawls, and has now stood twice without holding onto anything. AHH! She is so silly and loves to roam around the house exploring.

Great Friends

Some of our good friends were in town from Boise for a few weeks and we were able to hang out with them a little bit.  Preston got out of going to bed to hang out with Ruby for a bit.  Good luck with the next move to Boston you guys!  Hope to see you back in Boise one of these days when we get there!