Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mobile Mikayla

Just since we have been home from our trip, Mikayla has been "talking" so much more, figured out how to really crawl (except she hasn't figured out crawling in a dress!), and pulled herself up on her bouncer yesterday by herself. She has figured out a new trick too of sticking out her tongue. It seems like she is growing up so fast all of the sudden. I am afraid I am in trouble since she is already moving so much now and is trying to pull herself up on everything already. I am going to have two to chase after now!

Too many pictures

We had fun spending time with the family in Idaho Falls and going to Troy and Dani's wedding reception ( thanks to Aunt Becky for making Mikayla's beautiful dress!), hanging out with our friends the Petersons in Boise and checking out the area and enjoying time with Kristy and Leah in Utah. There are so many pictures from the rest of our trip that I decided to just do a slideshow. Enjoy the pictures!

Party in Idaho

We had a retirement/birthday party for Grandpa Griffeth while we were in Idaho. Here are the boys at Aunt Becky's house "trying" to have a barbeque in the snow/sleet. The grandkids made Grandpa an apron for his birthday present along with aprons for Grandma and Great Grandma for Mother's Day. Here they are showing them off. We had fun just hanging out with the family and getting to know new Aunt Dani.

The Pie

While we were on our two week long trip to Idaho and Utah, we were able to spend a couple of hours with my sis and her family. We walked around Temple Square and then went to a place called The Pie to eat some pizza. If you look at the picture below, you can see that it was one BIG pizza! It was good to see them and let David and Preston hang out for a bit even if it was in a restaurant!