Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ma!

It was Mikayla's birthday today. Our little girl is 2! And it shows! The terrible twos are evident lately, but she is still a sweetheart. She is talking so much more now and is also learning to fight and wrestle her brother! We had fun, ate cake and ice cream with friends and enjoyed her new toys. Thanks for helping us celebrate everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water love

We found a "stream" and let the kids play the other night. The kids had fun playing in the sand, looking for little fish, Pres had fun trying to skip stones with Dad and Ry had fun throwing rocks at me while I was trying to take a picture of him!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Anyone know and can teach me how to add a stupid banner to this thing? It is not working so well as evidence shown above. Can't figure out how to edit it in photoshop when I add the pictures, and how to make it big on the blog. Call me photoshop illiterate. I am still struggling with it. Slowly but surely I am making progress, but this is not some of that progress. HELP!

Catching some naked rays

It was in the 90's today and the kids were outside when Ry turned on the sprinklers. So, kids + sprinklers = take off clothes and get wet!! The kids got to spend a little time soaking up the last little bits of summer sun. I didn't hear them for a little while and went out to check on them. They were by the side of the house and I found Pres wearing a bowl hat and talking to and imagining with the sprinklers. Funny, parents buy toys, but a bowl as a hat, sprinklers and a backyard makes them more happy and keeps them more entertained. Oh, to be a kid again! These are the fun times I love being a mom. And the times I am reminded that half the time I get mad at them for things, they don't understand and just are so carefree. I need to be more like that. I love my little bugs!

1st Day of Preschool!!

Tuesday was Pres.' first day of preschool. He was sooo excited! He has been asking to go to school for a long time now. Actually, since he saw that his Uncle Scott got to ride on the big yellow school bus, he has been wanting to go. As soon as I opened his door and unbuckled him he said "BYE!" and took off, went inside and didn't say bye or look back. Just recently his vocabulary is increasing, he is asking more questions (I didn't think a kid could ask anymore questions!), and he is really starting to just understand things. I can't believe he is 3 and in preschool. Time sure does fly!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Food blog

Wondering what to cook for dinner or breakfast?? Have you checked out my new food blog?
Yummy Grub is a site where I post recipes I have just found and tried, or ones my family has been making for a while. I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes. Either quick and easy, more difficult that test your patience, but rewards your stomach, healthy meals, or ones that satisfy my sweet tooth! Any good cooking/baking tips? Please share!! Be patient with me though, I am still adding and still working on remembering to take pictures of food!! My kids keep asking what I am doing when I take pictures of my food. Well, I am trying to savor the moment of delicious food, I guess!