Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mikayla's new haircut

Mikayla got a haircut to chop off her thin and uneven hair. We are hoping this will help it grow faster and thicker. I had fun playing around with it and spiked it. It was a pretty cool lookin' hairdo for a 2 year old! Thanks again Teresa for cutting it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years in McCall, Idaho

We took a little trip up to McCall and spent some time with friends. We ate lots, played Rock Band, and went sledding a couple times (we got at least 8 inches of snow one day). We had a lot of fun as usual in McCall. Great company, food and fun! Thanks again!

Christmas Present from G & G M.

This was a Christmas present my parents sent for the kids. It has a place for sand and water. The kids had been dying to get it out but it is too cold outside to take it out. So, we decided to put it in the kitchen and so enough, they were soaked and we stripped them down. They played for atleast 2 1/2 hours with this! Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a hit!

Another Preston Photography special

Preston collects airsoft pellets which he calls BBs. My brother had an airsoft gun in Texas and so Pres was always finding the BBs around the house there. Now he is hooked on them. He keeps them in a glass jar and decided to take a picture of them a while ago. So instead of just taking a regular picture, he put the glass jar on the carpet, grabbed the camera and set it on top of the jar so the lens was inside the jar and just started shooting away. The things kids think up? I should think more out of the box like him when it comes to my photography. I thought it turned out pretty cool.

To Nap, or Not to Nap?

Gotta love this little snuggle bug even if she is a stinker and doesn't like to sleep at night. I am trying the no nap thing although I really don't like the idea. I love my 2 hours of quiet time when both my kids nap. However, I also love to have my nights start at 7:30 instead of 9:30 when Ma finally gives in to sleep. I am finding though that my 3 year old needs naps and requires more sleep than my 2 year old. Who would have thought?!

Merry Christmas

I know, this is really late, but here it is! We went to Idaho Falls for Christmas. It was a nice and relaxing time. It was just Ryan's parents and our little family for Christmas morning so it was nice to have that one on one time with them. The kids slept in until about 8:30 (due to late nights before Christmas), we got up and opened a few presents, called my parents on the webcam so they could watch us open their presents, ate some breakfast, and finished up opening more presents. Ma was super happy with her barbie band-aids from her stocking, her blue horse rainboots from G & G Malmberg, and her tutu I made her. I loved her outfit when she had it all on! Pres was super excited about his cars and his race track. It was a great Christmas.