Monday, October 18, 2010


Leah and I took a last minute sisters' trip to Hawaii end of Sept.  We stayed in Waikiki, and visited North Shore and saw the LDS Hawaii Temple, BYU Hawaii, The Polynesian Cultural Center, the Dole Pineapple Plantation, got snow cones twice at Matsumoto's (they have these big, very flavorful snow cones with sweet and condensed milk on top or vanilla ice cream in the bottom; the ice cream is a better addition!), saw some pretty cool waves, hung out and caught some Hawaiian rays at the beach, slept when we wanted, ate when we wanted and just got to hang out and relax.  Thanks again for taking me!!  It was a lot of fun! 

Happy 3rd!

I am late, again, in posting.  Ma had her 3rd birthday at the end of September.  Grammy M. made her an adorable dress (which I wish I could fit into!! and sorry I didn't get a better pic. of her in it.  I will work on that!) that she wore to church that week.  Can you tell she loves her baby dolls?  I think we might be in trouble with this next baby!  She will be a good little mother/sister.   Happy Birthday Ma!  We love you and all of your craziness. 

Thousand Springs

We took a little trip with Ryan's parents a while ago to Thousand Springs.  We saw some cool waterfalls, and went to a cool car show.  And of course, our little princess had to wear her tutu.