Monday, November 16, 2009

Ma and the snow hat

Ma loves a snow hat that a friend passed down to her. She asks to put it on all the time. Yesterday she had on a short sleeve shirt, leggings, and her snow hat inside the house while she played with playdough. What a silly girl. Can you tell she was concentrating on her playdough (she sticks out her tongue when she is thinking).


We woke up to snow the other morning and the kids were so excited. We still had a little left on our back lawn where the shadows hit it. Pres said today, "that's the best snow I ever seen!". They went outside and played in it for a little while until they got bored. There wasn't enough to make a snowman or snowballs, so they didn't last long outside. Before they came in though, Pres decided to throw some at me, hence the white spots of light on one of the pictures. Fun times, and more to come.