Friday, October 30, 2009

Hmmm, what to be for Halloween??

preschool halloween fun

Preston's preschool had a Halloween day and everyone dressed up and did a little parade for the moms. Here is Pres with his classmates and friend Cannon.

Pumpkin fun

We go together with some friends and carved pumpkins. The kids all had fun painting their pumpkins, and paper, and everything else.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barber to Boise 5K

Well, I can now cross off "run a 5K" from my list of things to do. A bunch of ladies from church all decided to do it, so we had a pretty good group. It was at Boise State and was a beautiful day, a little sunny as you can tell, but thankfully pretty warm. Ryan and the kids came out to watch and we ate some not so yummy pancakes afterwards to fill our hungry, empty stomachs. Will I do it again? Not so sure....

Girls Night Out

Last weekend a couple friends and I got out for a girls night. It was very much needed. We chowed on some delicious Mexican food and caught a movie. I had a great time! Thanks girls!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Idaho Falls Visit

We were able to visit family in Idaho Falls the beginning of this month. I was able to get together with some of my old roommates from College. So glad we got together! We were also able to hang out at Uncle Mel's and ride his horses (We had some fun laughing with Kristy while she was attempting to saddle the horse!). We also got to see one of Uncle Mel's granddaughter's Roman Ride (one foot on each horse) and watch Uncle Mel train his cattle for steer roping . Uncle Mel has a horse group called The Americanas. He owns twenty something horses and all of their names start with Ch. He has about 28 Ch names he goes through and just reuses the names. All of his horses are black too and so it is hard to tell them apart. One of my friend's asked him how he tells them apart and funny Uncle Mel's response was, "Well, all of your kids are white but you can tell them apart can't you?!" Thanks for the fun time!!

Ann Morrison Park/Train Depot

We went to a park a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the beautiful water fountain. We also went to the Train Depot and got to overlook downtown Boise, see goldfish in a pond and some really beautiful lillypads and flowers.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

I am really slacking on posting lately. The kids and I went to Texas for a visit the end of September. We had a blast hanging out with old friends (the little girl w/Pres calls him "her prince". Hope it can stay that way when you move to Houston Kenzie!!), had some much needed family time with Grammy, Bapa, Uncle Scott, and my sisters and their kiddos ( I got to love on my cute nephews, and obviously, Ma loved them too!) Pres explored Scott's treehouse, we watched Scott play football, and had fun at the park. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the letting us come visit Mom and Dad!!! (Sorry so many pictures, I know. But, I take lots of pictures of the things I love!)