Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ryan had a seminar in Seattle for a piece of equipment he is going to use in his practice, so we decided to tag along and spend some quality time with Uncle Justin, Aunt Carol and Avery.  The kids had a blast playing together, but I think A. was ready to have her toys and her bedroom all to herself again.  Thanks for being such a great sport!  We had fun touring the area where the boats come in, walking in Pike's Place Market, playing with the crazy squirrels in the botanical gardens (one crawled up Ryan's leg to try to get our cheetos and one took a cheeto right out of his hand!!), celebrating Avery's birthday playing outside in the green grass, and eating YUMMY fresh crab!  Thanks for letting us stay with you guys!

Brag post

Ryan surprised me with some flowers the other week so I thought I would show you how pretty they are and brag about what a great husband I have.  He is so patient with me and is working so hard at getting his business up and running.  It is taking more time and energy and there are lots of little things that we didn't realize.  But, it will be well worth it in the end.  Preston had fun checking out my flowers and I had fun with the camera in taking some different pics.  Anyway... I have a GREAT HUSBAND!! :)


Here are a couple pictures of our typical Mikayla.  She is such a drama queen and Preston is our lovable ball of energy.  He has been such a good big brother lately and is trying to play more with her and love on her.  Although she does not quite like it all the time as you can see.  Ma has been into us wrapping her in her blanket.  So thanks again Mom for helping me make it!  She is starting to talk more finally!  Mom, I think you were right saying she has 2nd child syndrome - Preston talks for her!  Mikayla is getting into reading books, but only by herself and she loves to read the books in the dryer!  Preston is into singing lately and sings itsy bitsy spider, rock a bye baby and Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, all with LOTS of energy and enthusiasm.  It is so cute!

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Ryan and I got out for a quick bite to eat.  While there we met up with Ryan's parents who drove in from Idaho Falls as soon as Ryan's Dad heard that Boise State was playing Utah State that night.  So Ryan's Mom stayed with the kids while Ryan, Dad and I went to the game.  It was fun to get out and I think more fun to be there than to watch it on TV.  Unfortunately Utah State lost, but still an enjoyable time out.  Later that night we had fun watching Mom and Dad box on the Wii.  The next day we enjoyed having Ryan's brother, Troy, and his wife, Dani, over for a couple days to hang out.  Hope it was a good escape from Rexburg for you guys!  Thanks for visiting!