Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a very low key Easter. We had an egg hunt with the kids in the yard yesterday and enjoyed the nice weather (65!!) today after church when we went to a really great park. That is one thing Idaho has over Texas... they have parks here! Preston enjoyed the time to run and have no boundaries... and I mean he RAN. Ryan had to run just to catch up with him and Ma and I just moseyed (how do you spell that?) along and took lots of pics. Ryan wants some landscape pics in his office and told me to take them ( I said he is asking a lot of me lately... run the front desk, take a really great picture for everyone to see... YIKES! And I am not even that great at photography!). So let me know what you think! (I might have gotten a little carried away!) Oh, and HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!! This is the best Easter picture we could get with two tired kids after church. Guess it will have to work.

Spring Love

We are enjoying the nice spring days. I am loving taking pictures of everything and I am trying to get better in general at photography. Although... that is on my to do list when we get some money (just like a lot of other things...): get a new camera, take a photography class. Here are some pics of us hanging out (literally as the kids are showing you). Preston was playing with chalk the other day and I gave him a cookie. He was so excited about the cookie he didn't even bother to put down the chalk in his hands and so thus creating a lovely blue chalk face. The kids have found something to keep them busy, and give Mom a chance to make dinner... digging in the dirt! Hooray for a backyard!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting in shape

Okay, so once again, I am trying to get in shape. We have joined the YMCA here, which is more like a Lifetime Family Fitness in Texas. It is huge and so nice! I have been going 3 days a week to do the elliptical and weights, but have recently started going to a kickboxing class and my friend from church convinced me to go to a 5:30 AM class with her this morning. AHH. Me and mornings do not get along, but it went surprisingly well this morning. Except now, it is 12:30 and I am ready for a nap! So... my reason for writing this... if I know people know I am trying to work out, I am more likely to make myself go, knowing someone might ask me if I am still doing it. So, thanks... you are my support system!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome back...

Idaho decided to welcome us back from Utah with nice, warm weather. And we had flowers blooming in our front yard! (Hey, for someone who has not had a yard in the almost 5 years of marriage, I am loving this!)When we got back, it was in the 70's and we enjoyed an outing to the park and the next couple days outside, in which I actually got a sunburn! Then wouldn't you know it, it decides to rain today. UGH! I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up that the weather will stay nice all the time, right?!

Cut the Pickle

Grandpa G. taught Preston the "cut the pickle" game, or as Pres calls it, "cut the pitle". It is Pres' favorite game and the other day he was sitting on the couch, patting his legs and saying in a high pitched baby voice with his hands in the cut the pickle shape, "Come here Kayla! Cut the pitle, cut the pitle Kayla!" What a goof! Guess you had to be there because it was so funny!!

Grandma M.'s funeral

Although it was a sad event that brought us all together, we were able to reconnect with my Dad's side of the family. Everyone on that side was so much older than my family and none of us kept in very close contact, which we all regret now. It was so good to see family that we haven't seen in 10 + years. We were able to stay with my sister and the kids all had so much fun playing together. We tried to get pics of all the cousins together, but of course, what group of 5 kids will hold still long enough to take pictures?! Thanks for letting us stay with you Leah, and congrats on the new little one!! (1 new nephew born, 2 more to go!!) Thanks Uncle Scott for playing with all the kids. They sure love you!! And what do you think... do Scott and I look alike??
We were also able to hang out with my Mom's parents and my cousins on that side as well. It snowed while we were there and the kids had a blast in the snow and I had fun taking pictures (as always!!). It was fun to see everyone! Hopefully next time we see you, Mom and Dad, Preston won't be so mad that he hasn't seen you and will actually love on you a little bit. Sorry about that. The kid holds grudges already. Yikes are we in for it when he is a teen!