Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter outfits

I tried to take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.  As you can see, Preston wasn't thrilled about the idea.  Here's the best that I could get...

Easter Fun at Grammy and Bapa's

We went to my parent's house for an early Easter/birthday celebration for my sis. and brother -in -law.  We of course had an Easter Egg hunt and ate lots of yummy food.  It is so nice to be close to family.  Just wish that Leah could be with us too!  

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zerberts for all....

I am so glad that Preston has someone that he will be able to play with. Mikayla is really responding to him and is moving and cooing so much more now. Today in the car Preston turned to her and smiled and made a funny face and Mikayla just started laughing. Then he would laugh and it just turned into one big laughing fest for a while. That is one of the best sounds in the world... the laugh of children.
Preston has figured out how to do zerberts and he is demonstrating this on Mikayla's tummy; poor little thing is not so sure about what is going on... I thought this was hilarious!
Preston came up to me the other day and threw his arms around my neck and hugged me and gave me a big kiss. I love my little cuddle bug. Some days he drives me crazy, but he is so cute and loveable that it is hard to stay mad at him. One of Ryan's cousins died suddenly last week and he was only 17. One day he was here, the next day he was gone. It is so scary to think that you could lose someone you love that quickly and without any warning. I have been trying so hard to be more patient with my kids and take time to really enjoy them. The few instances above have really made me think about lately and realize why I love being a mom and staying home with my kids. I am so grateful for them and for a husband who works hard in school so that he can become a great doctor someday.

Another Smoothie Lover

Mikayla has really started grabbing at our food and the other day pulled Ryan's smoothie to her mouth. She loved it just like her brother. I guess we are a smoothie family!

Snow in Texas!

Yes, it actually snowed in Texas! (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to turn the picture.)
It was cold and drizzly and kind of miserable. Thank goodness Preston took a long nap that day and I was able to lay in bed under the warm covers and hang out and play with Mikayla. We went to Grammy's house though the next day and played in the snow in her backyard. Oh... some day we will have a backyard that I can let Preston run around in, but for now, thank you Grammy for letting us hang out in yours!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Year Left!

Ryan is finishing his last year of Chiropractic school!!  I am so proud of him.  He works so hard at school and is so smart.  He is going to be a great doctor some day.  It is exciting to know he is almost done and we will move on and really start our lives.  It seems like we are just in limbo right now because we are not in a permanent place.  Now the hard part is trying to figure out where we are going to live!

Shared clothing

Thank heaven for family that shares clothes!  I don't know what I would do if I had to buy everything that my kids need to wear.  Thank you Aunt Auby, Aunt Jenna, Aunt Becky (Mikayla looked sooo cute in Sammie's dress on Sunday!) and Aunt Kristy!!

Mikayla is 5 months old now.  She is cooing and screaming all the time now.  She has found her voice and lets us hear it!  When she is on her belly on the floor, she can turn herself in circles now and pushes herself backwards.  She is growing and changing all the time.  And look at those blue eyes!!