Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boise Train Depot

When the kids and I were downtown for Ryan's race, we ended up visiting the Boise Train Depot.  It had been about a year since we had been there and it is such a nice place.  I love the architecture and the landscaping.  Maybe one day I will be able to capture it in pictures, but for now, this is what I could get with the two kids.  More to come.

Robie Creek Race

I am REALLY behind in posting lately.  The 17th of April was The Race to Robie Creek.  This is considered, "The Toughest Half Marathon in the Northwest".  Ryan ran it in 1 hour 40 min and was 55 out of about 2300 people!  That's my runner!  (glad he was doing it and not me!)  And of course, by the time I got to the race and packed the kids in the stroller and got to the starting line, this is the only picture I could get.  Maybe next year.  Great job Ryan!!

Preston's Karate class

A while ago, Boise sent out a catalog of community classes.  I signed Preston up for 5 classes of Karate for $20!  I thought it was a steal and a great way to introduce him into something new.  It took him a little while to get into it, and he enjoyed it in the end.  I asked him if he liked karate after his last class and he said yes.  I then asked him if he wanted to do it again next year and he matter of factly said no.  Well, I guess we will try something else.