Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family picture practice

My sister and her family were kind enough to take the time to drive up and visit us for the weekend.  While they were here, they let me practice taking family pictures.  I learn more about my camera every time I take pictures and more about being a photographer (Which I am not yet, but trying to be!  I know I am nowhere near as good as my sis., Jenna, but someday maybe!). 
Things I learned:
1.  Do NOT take pictures at 12:00 (unless taking pictures in the shadows).  The sun is too bright. 
2.  Check your locations the day of pictures.  One of the places we were going to use decided to close their gate and so we used a second location (one in which I had never been, but had always wanted to).  It worked out but I wish I knew what was there before we got there.
3.  Bring suckers or something for kids.  They, like husbands, get bored of taking pictures really quickly :)

While my sis and her family were here, we also got to take a nice tour of Nampa while we searched for an inflatable bounce house (not to be found!), went to the park, out to eat, and had some adult time and went to the movies (thanks to some great friends for that treat!!!).  Thanks again for coming to visit!!
Hope some of the pictures will work for you. 

A few more to come later!

Sunday Afternoons

Gotta love Sunday afternoons when you are able to go take a walk or go to the park.  I had fun taking pics. of course, and loved the cool bridge.  Looking forward to even warmer days to come soon hopefully!