Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Spring!

The flowers are blooming around here and it is gorgeous!  Preston keeps telling me that there is popcorn popping on the trees.  From far away, it looks like it and according to the song, it is on Apricot trees, which, some of the pictures below are from an apricot tree.  Never really understood that silly song until now.  Anyway... HAPPY SPRING!

Easter in Idaho Falls

We went to I.F. for Easter and had fun, as always, visiting family.  The kids had a blast with their cousins on their Easter Egg hunt and eating way too much candy.  Happy Easter everyone!

Four wheeling at the sand dunes

We went to visit family for Easter in Idaho Falls.  We took the kids out for, what we thought would be a fun ride for them on the sand dunes, but by the time we got them all bundled up and on the four wheelers, they only lasted for about 5 minutes (partly due to a few things: it was very windy and cold, Mom doesn't know how to drive a four wheeler up a hill in the sand, and the kids were wearing helmets twice their size!).  The rest of the time, the kids and Grandpa hung out in the truck while Ryan and I went to roam the sand dunes.  I learned a lot from this trip.  Maybe I will eventually become used to and comfortable with these toys that I did not grow up with!  I am learning it takes a lot of time and practice :)

Ma's obsession

Ma has been into babies and dolls for a while now, but her obsession with them has increased lately.  She will now get a burp cloth or bib for each of her dolls and animals and cover them all up.  Then she "puts them to sleep" on the couch or in her bed and covers them with blankets.  If they are in her bed, she will close the door and gets mad at me when I open it and tells me "Mom, don't wake my babies.  They are sleeping!"  What an imagination!

Grandpa time

One of the kids' favorite things to do with their grandparents is read books.  It doesn't matter if it is online on Skype or in person.  Grandma and Grandpa G. came for a visit a couple weeks ago and the kids had fun reading with them, tickling, and giving slobbery kisses!  Thanks again for coming to visit!

Park Fun with friends

The weather is getting somewhat decent around here and so we have been spending as many afternoons as we can at parks with friends.  Fun times!