Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Hayspur camping pics

Here are more pictures from camping at the fish hatchery.  And what is a fish hatchery without catching fish?!  Ma was all for looking at the fish and touching it until Grandpa started cleaning it.  The picture above is of her thinking that what Grandpa was doing was pretty gross.  It was pretty funny to see.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hayspur fish hatchery/camping

We went camping and fishing with Grandma and Grandpa for the 4th of July.  We stayed at a fish hatchery thinking the kids would have fun fishing, but Pres was scared of the fish and wouldn't touch them when Grandpa caught them.  We had fun though cooking tinfoil dinners, making smores and hanging out but didn't enjoy the mosquitoes!  I did of course had fun taking pictures!

Our new house

This is really late, but here is our new house!  Excuse the yellow blanket hanging in the window.  We are still working on getting blinds. 

Sunday walks

Pres' first lost tooth

Preston lost his first tooth!  His tooth had been loose for a while and so we didn't think that anything would happen anytime soon.  I took the kids to a store and gave them a sucker to keep them quiet for a bit and Pres kept telling me that his tooth was loose.  I kept telling him that I knew it was loose and it was okay.  Next thing I know, he says, "Mom, look at my tooth!" and he is holding his tooth in his hand!  He pulled it out himself and didn't even cry.  What a big boy he is now.  And of course, He is finding tricks to do with his hole in his mouth. 

Sleepy Ma

One day when I was making dinner and we were waiting for Ryan to come home, Ma was sitting on the stool watching me cook.  One minute she was complaining she wanted Daddy to come home and the next minute she was quiet and she was sound asleep.  If she doesn't take a nap in the afternoon, and if we are sitting still around 5:00, this is about what I get.  I hated to wake her up because she looked so peaceful!


One thing we love about where we live is that there are plenty of places to take walks and explore.  Here is a place we went one evening.  The kids and Ryan had fun climbing up and down this hill.  I am sure we will find plenty more places like this. 

My birthday

For my birthday (back in May... I am a little late in posting!), I decided to not make a cake for myself so we went to Albertsons and found a big slice of chocolate cake to eat after dinner.  Dinner was great because Ryan was sneaky and had some of our good friends surprise me and come over for dinner.  Then Ryan told me he was going out to get a movie for us to watch and came back with a babysitter, blindfolded me and took me to a friends' house and had a delicious cake (thank you Charise!!) and played games with a bunch of our friends.  It was a night to remember.  Especially since the next morning brought food poisoning for Ryan and I and our friends who ate dinner with us!  Thinking it was the meat we got for hamburgers, but who knows.  I will definitely remember my 27th birthday!  Thanks again for a memorable birthday everyone!

Preschool ending/ Zoo fieldtrip

Preston was in a kind of coop preschool this past year.  A bunch of Mom's got together and took turns taking the kids every week for a couple hours Tues. and Thurs.  We had an end of the year field trip to the zoo.  It ended up pouring rain on us by the end and we were all soaked, but we were able to see most of the exhibits without too much rain in the beginning!  The kids thought the monkeys stunk and all plugged their noses.  I agreed!  This tiger kept standing on it's back paws and pawing at the glass where all the kids were standing.  Apparently it does it quite often (or so we were told) and is it's way of saying hi.  The kids were all scared at first but loved it and thought it was hilarious after the initial shock of a big lion scratching at them was over.

Catch up... Ma's cute outfit

Grandma G. and I found a pattern for this cute outfit and she decided to make it for our cute Ma.  Lately if you ask her to say cheese, she actually gives you a cheesy smile.  Our silly girl.  Love the outfit!  Thanks again for making it!