Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Our weather has been funny lately and has not wanted to stay consistent with getting warm. So, when it is warm, we take advantage of it and are outside.  Sunday afternoon was one of those days so the kids had fun playing in dirt and grass ( as always!), Mikayla was pretending she was a caterpillar or something and sliding across the lawn, and Pres made some of his funny faces for me while I tried out my new camera (an early birthday present! Thanks again!!!).  So sorry for so many pics, but I am getting used to this new camera and am getting in all the practice I can!

Cinco Mile-O

Ryan ran in a race this last weekend.  It was the first one that they did in hopes of doing it annually.  It was the Cinco de Mayo Cinco Mile-O race.  It was a fun race to be at because they had a Mariachi band, some great authentic Mexican food, and a Pinata for the kids.  And all of it was right next to a park so the kids could play while we waited for Ryan to run the race.  We didn't have to wait long though... he was the first one to cross the finish line!  Running is definitely one of his many talents and something he loves to do.  So glad he was able to do this race to be able to put that talent into action and to have some fun.  (I need to practice a lot on action shots from the looks of Preston's soccer pics and this pic of the race!)

Soccer time

Preston started soccer and is trying to get used to being pushed and kicked around.  It is a good experience for him and us.  He has a lot to learn and we are trying to teach him the rules of soccer and teamwork.  We are having fun in the mean time!

Baby B.

Our sweet baby is growing up.  She is almost 5 months old now and is eating rice cereal and wanting lots more food.  She is our biggest baby, but those rolls are so fun!  She loves to laugh at her siblings and play with us.  Here are some shots of her having some fun daddy time.