Sunday, November 6, 2011

The kids

Here's just a couple of pics of the kids that I wanted to have in a post of things to remember...
I was able to put Brooke's hair in pigtails this summer!  She has the most hair of all of our kids at this age, and it is still dark!  We thought she would have changed to blonde by now, but that brunette in her is hanging on!

Brooke loves to make "talk" into cups, lids, or anything that gives her an echo.

Ma still loves her babies.  She told me the other day after she had wrapped them up in blankets that they always ask her to take naps in my room.  Silly girl.  She loves to "mother" them and pretend they are real.  So cute.  She loves to "mother" her little sis too and it is helpful sometimes.  Other times, she is a little too helpful :)

Pres was given a blue dog when he was a baby by one of our good friends.  He still keeps it with him all the time.  It is so cute, but kind of wondering when he will grow out of it?!

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